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Category: Vacuum Feedthroughs

A vacuum feedthrough serves as a conduit for substances or energy to pass from outside a hermetically-sealed vacuum chamber to its interior. It is crucial for the feedthrough to maintain a leak-free integrity even under conditions of high and ultra-high vacuum.

Viewports are used for a range of vacuum-optical tasks, such as process monitoring and illumination, as well as the accurate and effective conveyance of optical signals.

Electrical feedthroughs provide a wide range of options for the transmission of electrical currents and signals in various vacuum applications. You can browse through following vacuum feedthroughs:

Viewport and Shutter DC Power Vacuum Feedthrough
Open End Glass Adapter Connectors
Closed End Glass Adapter RF Power Vacuum Feedthrough
Insulator breaks Coaxial Feedthroughs
Thermocouple Feedthrough MS Circular Vacuum Feedthrough
Liquid Vacuum Feedthrough Ceramic beads and spacers
Sub-C & Sub-D Feedthrough USB, HDMI and RJ45 Feedthrough
Micro-D Feedthrough & Connectors Fiberoptic vacuum Feedthroughs
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Showing 1–12 of 1897 results

Showing 1–12 of 1897 results

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