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Zero length UV-grade Sapphire 1,44″ view diameter, DN40CF


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Sapphire viewports are known for its transparency and is primarily composed of single-crystal aluminum oxide (Al2O3), showcasing superior thermomechanical properties.

The optical transparency of sapphire viewports distinguishes them from other window options. These viewports offer clarity across a wide range of light wavelengths, spanning from 150 to 5500 nanometers (nm). This range encompasses a significant portion of the ultraviolet (UV) and visible spectrum (VIS), with remarkable extension into the near-infrared (IR) range.

Sapphire viewports are available in sizes with view diameters of up to 3” and can withstand baking temperatures of up to 450˚ C. They are constructed from single crystal sapphire windows, available in either 0˚ or 90˚ orientations.

Material: Sapphire
Fittings: KF, CF & weld fitting
Frequency: UV & REG-grade
Transmission range: 250nm – 4 microns
View diameter: 7mm – 76mm
Temp. range: -100 to 450°C

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