Semiconductor industry

The semiconductor industry uses vacuum systems for the production of memory chips.


Hospitals make use of medical systems that contain vacuum components, which need service and maintenance. Hospitals also use of isolators and glove boxes.

The aerospace industry

The aerospace industry tests its satellites on earth, before they are launched into space. For these tests, so-called space simulation vacuum chambers are used.


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System manufacturers

System manufacturers of coating installations are also customers for standard vacuum components and special parts.

The coating industry

The coating industry uses turnkey vacuum systems, for which Demaco delivers components and service products. Demaco’s expertise is often asked to upgrade these vacuum systems with new products.

Research & development

National research industries with departments for material research and analytical departments. These research institutes use standard products as well as specials.

Technical Universities with practical departments, such as: Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Medical Biology and Analytical Technology and cyclotron departments. For these customers, Demaco delivers vacuum components, glove boxes and solvent purification systems.