AJA International (USA)- Magnetron sputter cathodes and complete HV- and UHV- sputter systems

Very successful with her physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems, like the compact ATC ORION sputter- and vapor deposition systems. AJA International produces all of her sputtering sources and substrate holders in her own company. AJA International is known for innovative design solutions in thin film technology, which is often copied but never equaled.

Anest Iwata (J)- Oil free scroll pumps

The world’s first producer of air-cooled oil free scroll-type vacuum pumps. Their oil free vacuum pumps are compact, give a minimum of vibration and have a low noise level. Our customers apply them in the analytical and semiconductor world, where clean vacuum is a must.


Duniway Stockroom Corporation provide both new and used high quality vacuum products. Duniway Stockroom offers an extensive range of new and refurbished Ion Getter Pumps. All the rebuilding services come with a one year warranty.


European Spectrometry Systems (ESS) is a leading supplier of high quality Mass Spectrometer instrumentation and systems for applications such as Catalysis, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, and Environmental monitoring.
Hyperclean logo

Hyperclean (SIN)- Cleanroom clothing and gloves

A company registered in Singapore, founded in 1998. The company is one of the leading manufacturers in Singapore and a distributor of Cleanroom products, ESD products and medical disposable products. Hyperclean is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

INERT (USA)- Glove boxes and Solvent purification systems.

Founded in 1981 and grown to a worldwide renowned manufacturer of inert glove boxes and solvent purification systems. In 1997, INERT was the first company to deliver a commercially available solvent purification system on the basis of the Grubbs-method. This method guarantees a safe working environment for researchers when acquiring water and oxygen free solvents.


Company specialized in vacuum measurement and control instrumentation. InstruTech’s vacuum gauges offering measurement capabilities from 2.10 e-11 to 1.013 mBar. Our product portfolio includes convection enhanced Pirani gauges, hot cathode Bayard-Alpert and cold cathode double inverted magnetron ionization gauges.

McVac (USA)- Deposition monitors, -controllers and -sensors

An important player in the field of quartz crystal sensors, feedthrough’s and cables for the coating-industry. Standard products are delivered from stock and specials have a lead time of a few days. Many of these products are delivered to OEM-customers, but we also sell directly to end-users.


Specialised in KF, ISO and CF vacuum flanges and fittings where the ISO and CF flanges have their specific tapered style of flange. This tapered style flange is ideal for chain clamp fittings. Chain clamps are offered in different materials and strengths to be used with elastomer and metal seals. MKT products are produced by the company Vonach & Pichler GmbH – Fussach

MPF Products Inc.

MPF Products Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing products utilizing ceramic-to-metal sealing technology. We offer a full range of electrical feedthroughs, connectors, isolators and viewports all rated for ultra-high vacuum (UHV). MPF Products, Inc. was formed in 1994 by a group of engineers led by Art Dunton. In just a few years MPF Products had grown substantially and added a diverse mix of products and customers. With our recent facility expansion we now have more than 12,000 ft² of manufacturing space and additional equipment for added capacity. MPF continues to provide expert technical knowledge, superior products, on-time deliveries, competitive pricing and great customer service.

Novotek (D). KF, ISO and ConFlat components and valves

Founded in 1973 in Böblingen, its original product was the development of laser-optical equipment for universities. After several years, high-vacuum products replaced the original product line. With the consistent growth and development, Novotek GmbH became a reliable supplier for universities and the industry. Novotek has high requirements concerning  quality and availability from stock of their products.

Rigaku (USA). Rotary motion feedthrough’s with ‘Magnaseal’

World leader for rotary motion feedthrough’s, based on magnetic liquid. The Rigaku products offer very high quality and competitive prices. The magnetic rotary motion feedthrough’s deliver a rotating movement with excellent vacuum sealing.

Sairem (F). Wicrowave and RF equipment

Specialized in microwave and RF generators for food processing, science and medicine. The key differentiator of Sairem’s knowledge is the ability to develop applications that cover the entire spectrum of electromagnetic energy and to scale up standard or custom made processes from laboratory up to industrial at power levels starting from a few watts up to several hundred watts.

SMC (J). High-vacuum valves

Supplier of pneumatic equipment. In the end of the nineties, the range of high-vacuum valves was added to the SMC product line and sold by Demaco within the Benelux. The valves, made of Aluminum and stainless steel, characterize themselves with a very sharp price/quality ratio.

UC Components (USA)- Vented screws, nuts and washers

Leader in the field of vented screws, nuts, washers and o-rings for ultra-high-vacuum applications (UHV). With a state-of-the-art production facility, complete with class 100 cleanroom, in the heart of ‘Silicon Valley’, California, UC Components delivers highest quality screws, nuts, washers and o-rings, completely following todays’ ultra clean norms. All components are neatly cleaned and pre-packed in certified class 100 packaging.

UHV Transfer (USA). Manipulation in vacuum

A privately owned company, specialized in standard and custom made manipulators and  sub systems. Core expertise in the handling, transporting, positioning and manipulation of samples, semiconductor wafers, substrates and flat panels in HV and UHV environments.

VIC (USA). Helium leak detection equipment

Manufacturer of leak testing equipment. VIC leak testers are being used on a daily basis for the testing of more than a billion products  – from hermetically sealed electronic components up to 55-liter vessels for astronautic suits and nuclear power stations. VIC also builds specific leak testing systems on customer-specification, by using different techniques  varying in mass-flow, pressure decay, pressure difference and mass spectrometry.


Worldwide specialists in vacuum pump technology. We offer a wide range of Diaphragm vacuum pumps for different applications.