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Replacement WGM701 Sensor Assembly DN40KF


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9026 2020


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The WGM701 Wasp is a vacuum gauge module with an inverted magnetron cold cathode technology with a pirani sensor. Constructed with a compact metal design, the sensor assembly features a sensor activation aid for improved cold cathode sensor activation time.

The ultra-low magnetic stray field design makes it compatible with instruments sensitive to external magnetic fields, and its interchangeable dual chamber design reduces maintenance, offering a robust vacuum gauge.

The WGM701 provides essential signal conditioning and a built-in controller with log-linear analog output and sensor status output, automatically activating the Cold Cathode sensor once the pressure measured by the Pirani sensor has indicated a low enough pressure level of 9.10e-3 mBar

Pressure detection:       Cold cathode combined with Pirani

Pressure range               ATM to 1.10e-9 mBar

Pressure reading:          Torr/mBar/kPa

Setpoint accuracy:        7.6 x 10-9 to 7.6 x 10-3 Torr: ± 30% of reading

7.6 x 10-3 to 75 Torr: ± 15% of reading

75 to 760 Torr: ± 50 % of reading

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