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UHV Multi-Gauge Vacuum Gauge Controller, 3 gauge display for Ion gauge, convection gauges or Capacitance gauge


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9026 2020



Pressure range

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The B-RAX 3000 series are three channel vacuum gauge controllers capable of operating one ionization gauge (IG) and two convection enhanced Pirani gauges (CG). Standard features include three analog outputs, six setpoint relays, remote Digital I/O, RS232 and RS485 serial communications.

B-RAX 3200:    operates IGM400 hot cathode ionization gauge module and two CVG101 convection vacuum gauge sensors.

B-RAX 3300:     operates one BA602 nude or one BA603 glass enclosed hot cathode I2R ionization gauge and two CVG101 convection vacuum gauges.

B-RAX 3400:     operates one BA601 nude UHV EB-degas Bayard-Alpert hot cathode ionization or one BA600 hot cathode Mini ionization gauge and two CVG101 convection vacuum gauges.

B-RAX 3500:     operates one CC606 or CC605 cold cathode inverted magnetron ionization gauge and two CVG101 convection vacuum gauge sensors

Pressure range               ATM to 1.10e-11 mBar

Pressure reading:          Torr/mBar/Pa

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