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Residual Gas Analyser 200 amu, Faraday Cup, Yttria Coated iridium, Standard I/O

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Weight 12.000000 kg
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9027 3000


United States

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The LINXON myRGA is a residual gas analyzer designed for precise gas analysis, air leak detection, and effective contamination monitoring. We offer a 0-100 amu and a 0-200 amu version with Faraday detector or Electron Multiplier detector for minimum detectable pressures up to 2.0e-14 mBar.

This unit features, minimum detectable partial pressure (MDPP), high signal-to-noise ratio, and rapid data collection speed. The myRGA sensor utilizes a sophisticated ion source design with two filaments. Users can choose between application-specific filaments: tungsten for halogen-containing processes or yttria-coated iridium for oxygen-containing processes.

In addition to its mass spectrometer capabilities, the myRGA sensor can measure total pressure simultaneously. This feature safeguards the filament by preventing overpressure conditions, enhancing the overall durability and performance of the analyzer.


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