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I-Lab 4 Glovebox including large and small antechamber right hand side. Including O2 and H2O analyzers

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Weight 300,000000 kg
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8419 9015


United States

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System Glovebox
Available in three widths, 1200mm, 1800mm, and 2400mm. A dual microprocessor control specifically designed for gloveboxes. Easy to use with all key information available on one screen. (A touch screen is also available, which can be PLC controlled.) The 0-60 cfm stainless steel blower controls circulation. The glovebox is designed to maintain an atmosphere less than 1 ppm O2 and 1 ppm H2O. This is attained by a gas purification system that is easily accessible, and has automatic valves. A large antechamber is installed with auto control optional. A rapid transfer chamber is also available.
Box shelving standard or customized. The system is delivered ready for use with Nitrogen, Helium, or Argon.

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