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Aluminum KF bulkhead clamps for DN16KF with 6 screws 10-32x 5/8″


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The most frequently used clamping component for elastomer seals is the KF clamping ring, consisting of two die-cast aluminum shells and special individual parts made of galvanized steel. A large wing screw is used to achieve the necessary contact force. If certain installation conditions are met, e.g. small design size, the tension band-clamping ring can be inserted. With KF connections with metal seals, higher and more stable contact pressures can be generated. Our aluminum claws are required in order to firmly screw flanges onto a component with tapped holes.
These seal components allow the installation of vacuum attachments for the pressure range of 2500 mbar (4000 mbar in conjunction with an outer retaining ring and a solid tension clip) to 10–9mbar.

Hinged Clamps
Hinged KF Clamps feature special centering ribs and evenly distributed damping force to assure uniform O-ring compression. Additional hinge knuckles and tighter manufacturing tolerances result in precise alignment and reduced side play. Clamp opening is limited to facilitate one-handed installation in hard-to-reach spaces. All KF clamps are designed and manufactured to meet Pneurop specifications for ISO-KF 10 through 50 flanges.

Chain Clamps
Chain Clamps are used for KF O-rings from metal (Aluminum and Copper). Metal seals transform KF fittings from High Vacuum to Ultra-High-Vacuum connections.

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