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Article number GMS200WSM56MPFCFST1IRVFAIT D Categories , Brand:

200 W, 2450 MHz solid state microwave generator, air-cooled, variable frequency, automatic tuning

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The food processing industry has utilized microwave and radio frequency energies for cooking or tempering deep frozen products, and recent advancements have expanded their applications to include pasteurizing, drying, and boost heating specific ingredients.

Additionally, microwave-generated plasma opens new horizons, enabling advancements in plasma homogeneity, density, and size, such as synthetic diamond growth, thin film deposition, and microelectronics

Plasma sources in low pressure or atmospheric conditions

Microwave technology for diamond deposition, surface activation, sterilization, synthesis of nanomaterials, gas cleaning etc.

Microwave reactors for synthetic chemistry, the synthesis of nanoparticles, vegetal extraction, biotechnology and environmental applications etc.

Microwave leak detectors

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