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1″ baseplate feedthrough with 2 cooling lines with Copper cooling Block


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8413 9100


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An electron beam evaporation source is employed for producing uniform, high-purity films and optical coatings, functioning as a self-accelerated electron beam device with a hot tungsten filament generating a beam of electrons at a high negative potential.

Round and square sputtering sources boast a modular magnet array. These sources can achieve excellent uniformity.

UHV magnetron sputtering sources, operate with high or low electron energies, magnetic material targets, various unbalanced magnetron configurations, and high or low-rate sputtering setups. Sputter sources can be operated with (pulsed) DC and RF power supplies.

Deposition monitors and controllers measure film thickness/rate or frequency using crystals as the sensor device. Independent channels monitor different films or average different sensors together to provide a more uniform deposition measurement

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