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Category: Philips Flat Head Vent Screw Nickel Plated

Nickel plating is extensively employed in the coating of fasteners to improve their corrosion and wear resistance. In contrast to some decorative finishes that are susceptible to chipping or flaking, nickel exhibits durability, making it particularly attractive for critical industries such as defense and aerospace.

Additionally, it serves as an excellent foundation for other coatings like gold, chromium, or silver, ensuring robust adhesion.


  • Enhanced Tensile Strength
  • Improved Wear Resistance
  • Increased conductivity in electrical applications and components.
  • Nickel has the capability to fill small holes and cracks, contributing to material stabilization and providing fasteners with a more uniform surface.
  • Augmented Corrosion Resistance against a wide range of corrosive materials, including acids, alkali, ammonia, hydrocarbons, saltwater, solvents, and more.
  • Nickel plating contributes to heightened resistance to UV radiation, moisture, temperature variations, and other challenging environmental conditions.


Material:                             A2-70

Thread length:                  4mm – 35mm

Thread style:                      M2.5 – M6

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