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Category: Turbo Pumps

Turbomolecular pumps and stations

For clean and easy generation of high and ultra-high vacuum our turbomolecular pumps and systems are ideal. Monobloc rotors and sealed-for-life ceramic bearings for reliable operation.


Turbomolecular pumps operate in the pressure range of 1×10-1 mbar to 1×10-10 mbar. These pumps have an integrated low vacuum stage to achieve high and ultra-high vacuum levels.

Their oil-free nature ensures no generation of light gases from hydrocarbon cracking, and dry, solid-lubricated hybrid bearings with ceramic balls prevent contamination from oils, greases, or their decomposition products.


  • Automatic shutdown for extended fore-vacuum pump lifespan
  • Monobloc rotors with minimal residual vibrations
  • Special blade design for high pumping speed and compression ratio, especially for light gases
  • Gap-free rotor structure for rapid degassing on the high vacuum side
  • Fore-vacuum limiting pressure reaching several millibars
  • Versatile operating positions
  • Quiet operation with minimal sound levels
  • Maintenance-free under normal operation
  • Compact dimensions and lightweight
  • Optional air or water cooling

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