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Category: Nude Ion Gauge & Spare Filaments

The BA601/602 1 is a Bayard-Alpert (B-A) nude ionization vacuum gauge, utilizing hot cathode technology. Yttria-coated iridium filaments are recommended for general vacuum applications with air and inert gases like N2 and argon, while tungsten filaments are provided for gases incompatible with yttria-coated iridium.

The BA601 can also be operated with vacuum gauge controllers from other manufacturers capable of handling a nude B-A gauge.

Pressure detection:       Hot Cathode Ionization

Pressure range               BA601: 1.10 e-3 mBar to 1.10 e-11mbar

BA602: 1.10 e-3 mBar to 1.10 e-10mbar

Pressure reading:          Torr/mBar/Pa

Setpoint accuracy N2: ± 20%

Filament                           single/dual hairpin type yttria coated iridium or dual tungsten

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